Saturday, May 19, 2012

Springtime Patterns

This week we continued working on our Pattern Garden from last week. We also discussed the fact that some of the patterns we put on our Garden are Opposites. Here is what was on our Pattern Garden picture at the end of last week.

We used long/short and big/small.

This week we added clouds in the sky and focused on the opposite up/down.

We then had our second Pattern Muffin Tin

We layered Chocolate Oreo Crumbs, Chocolate Pudding and Coolwhip.

We finished our Spring Pattern Gardens by adding Butterflies using the opposite open/closed. The open winged butterflies are flying above a flower, while the closed wing butterflies are resting on the flower. I had the girls decide on what pattern they wanted to make on the table, then I explained how we were going to place them on the paper.

They also decided there needed to be rain.

I had some paper squares I cut out of scrap paper set aside. I figured when I was busy it would be a fun activity for the girls to make some random patterns.

The blue papers are Tabitha's and the red papers are Amelia's (Hannah was sleeping). 

We also continued work on our Color Garden (for Hannah) and Word Family Gardens (for the older two).

Tabitha and Amelia are not gluing theirs on yet because we are using them for different activities.  I would say a word and have them find it to put on their flower. We have done the following Word families this week- ed, eg and ell. 

They then took turns reading a word and finding it for their flowers.

Then we played a memory match game. I combined the girls' petals for the eg words so we would have doubles. Then we placed them upside down. When they turned up a petal they had to say the word. Other than that it was a typical Memory Match game.

I also came up with a fun subtraction game. Tabitha was using the Shaker Jar with Toothpicks. This was obviously a simple activity for her so I wanted to add something to it. I made her count 10 toothpicks out of the bunch that were in there. After setting the extras aside I explained the game to her. She was reminded that  there were 10 toothpicks in the jar. She then was to shake the jar three times upside down so toothpicks would fall out of the holes. She then recorded how many toothpicks fell out on a piece of paper. She was then to figure out how many toothpicks were left in the jar. After thinking about it and giving a guess, she could take them out and count them. 
Toothpicks in jar - Toothpicks that fell out = Toothpicks left

10 - ? = ?

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  1. I MUST make those! My little one would absolutely love to help make them and, of course devour them!

  2. Love all the patterns! I'm always looking for new activities for that and I know my little ones would especially like the dessert pattern! :)

  3. That looks so fun :O) the dessert looks yummy

  4. Great ideas! The parfaits look yummy!

  5. Lots of wonderful activities! Thanks for sharing with BTT!


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