Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: May 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Rainbow, Fluffy, Letters, Metal and Tree(s)


This is the double rainbow we saw as we arrived at the hospital back in March when the baby was sick with RSV and pneumonia. As I went through the week it was a reminder of God's faithfulness.


I wasn't sure what I had that was fluffy. Then I remembered Hannah's first stuffed animal. We got this for her for Easter. The Easter she was supposed to be here but hadn't been born yet. 


We are going to be using My Father's World Kindergarten this year for Tabitha with Amelia tagging along. They are going to be "learning" their letters and sounds. They do already know them so this will be a review as we focus on the science and Bible character lessons that are focused around each letter.


Here is the metal fence that is to the entrance of the park behind our house.


The trees beside our house where the girls like to climb.

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  1. Oh my word cool double rainbow!

  2. I love your rainbow and am glad it helped you through a scary time in your life :)

  3. Rainbows are such a touching reminder of God's faithfulness to us, aren't they. I really like your metal shot, too.

  4. Double rainbow!! Love your metal shot!

  5. Trees are generous.

    They allows us to climb on them, and to dirty them.

  6. Love that rainbow! Hope the girls enjoy learning the letters and sounds!

  7. I'm glad your rainbow helped you move through such a difficult time with your little one.

  8. BEautiful rainbow capture....they always give me a sense of hope.

  9. I love the story that goes with rainbow. Proof that God is always there watching over.

  10. Beautiful rainbow wish such a humbling reminder.

  11. A special rainbow for you.

    Thanks for sharing at YSB this week. xoxo


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