Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pinterest Finds Week of May 21

Last week I shared a couple of recipes I wanted to try. We actually tried the Simplest Chicken and Dumplings and they were delicious. I was going to make the Chocolate Mousse Oreo Parfaits, but decided the mousse was a little too involved for the children. So we just made Chocolate Pudding Oreo Parfaits. I have found some other great recipes, but this week I would like to share some fun activities I found for the girls.

Make your own bubble wands:

Ice Letter Hunt:

Sight Word Hockey

Toddler Sensory Bottles

And seeing as Memorial Day is right around the corner I just thought I would share the link to my Patriotic Board, maybe you will find something there you would like to try. I was reminded of a couple of things I want to try.

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  1. I imagine your kidlets enjoyed these games! :)


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