Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Celebration Event- TheraNeem Tooth and Gum Powder

And here is another giveaway in the Summer Celebration Event!
Review and Giveaway by  A Little Bit of Everything.

A Little bit of Everything and Organix have the next giveaway for the Summer celebration

This is tooth and gum powder.  You may be why you need this product as you already use toothpaste. Well this product has so many great aspects to it.  It's fluoride free, gluten free, and so many other great aspects to it.

My husband is a back packer and he took this with him back packing.  He loved it.  It is light weight and takes up little space.  And he liked it.  All you do is wet the tooth brush and put some on it.  Brush like normal.

Here is some info from their website.
Analogy for TheraNeem Naturals Oral Care: As a species, we have not evolved using vast amounts of surfactants (sudsing agents) to protect or promote healthy teeth and gums. In truth, the “suds” do little to balance the ecology (bacteria) of our mouth, which is of primary importance for healthy teeth and gums. In our current culture, we may like a little sudsing action, but throughout history we have used plants, herbs and spices which innately contain broad spectrum and astringent actions to help maintain our individualized and unique homeostasis (balance) in the eco-system (bacterial colonies) of our mouths. The broad spectrum action of plants, herbs and spices helps to keep our mouth ecology in check, as well as offering astringent actions help tighten tissues and lessen secretions to promote healthy teeth and gums! To keep our customers happy, we do add some foaming action, but between you, me and our mouths – it’s the plants doing the work!
Great tasting: Our Tooth and Gum powders contain concentrated supercritical extracts of Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, Anise Fruit Oil and Clove Bud. They match the great taste of our top selling mint and cinnamon toothpaste and mouthwash.

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**Disclosure--I received one or more product for my time and for the review.  My thoughts and opinions are my own about the product.

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