Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moments to Remember From the Week of June 3, 2012

School has been just about non-existent as I try to clean and get organized for next year. However, this week I wanted to share a little about Ants and Gardens.

We got the girls an Ant Farm for Christmas and finally got around to ordering the ants. Daddy was as excited or more excited than the girls to get this set up yesterday.

Adding the sand in the channel.

Sitting in the window to allow the sun to help evaporate the water that was added to dampen and harden the sand. The red sticks are tunnel starters.

 Adding water to the sand on the top "island."

 Adding the ants.

 Another thing we finally got around to was getting the garden ready for planting. 

My spoons are now the girls' trowels. Grrr.

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