Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: October 11, 2011

The other day Tabitha told me, "We're teaching Hannah stuff so she can teach the new baby."  I thought it was so sweet.

When I was getting movies and pictures off of the memory card and putting them onto a DVD the girls were watching. Every time we saw a picture of daddy Hannah would say, "Dada." As she is 18 mths old and hasn't really been saying anything we could understand I was thrilled.  She has said "mama" when asked to and she looked toward me. And she understands us. But to hear "dada" so clearly for each picture was awesome.

And some more Hannah awesomeness:
The other day we were baking and Hannah was waiting to help. She almost climbed in the stool, and in amongst her babbling we swear we heard her say, "I want to help."  

One day Tabitha asked me, "Mom, did God glue our toenails on?"
I said, "No God did not glue our toe nails to your toes, they grew on."
Tabitha replied, "But, they stick."

And here is one I wasn't sure if i was going to share, but I decided to anyway
Amelia said, "When I do not poop it poops by itself."
She laughs and I say, "Okay"
She said, "Poop is funny"

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  1. Hilarious!! What little ones say.......priceless! I try to record the cuteness that comes out of their mouths because I don't ever want to forget.


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