Monday, October 24, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Rainforest

Muffin Tin Monday at

This week we are reading some rain forest books, so I made a rain forest muffin tin.

I got the idea for my trees from Michelle's post last year on Muffin Tin Mom. The theme last year was Trees, Leaves and Harvest. I really liked her trees, but couldn't quite do them the same way. I made the girls' trees by rolling up a piece of peanut butter bread and cutting it in half. Then I spread some more peanut butter on the top, so the spinach leaves would stick. 

So, this is what we had
Couple of trees (because I couldn't just make one as there are lots of trees in the rain forest.)
Banana, because monkeys love bananas
Ranch for dipping
Grapes for coconuts (Tabitha said they should be coffee beans because coffee beans come from the rain forest, not sure where she learned that)
Broccoli trees or bushes
Monkey-I got the idea from Snackpicks. I didn't have the right crackers so I improvised. Cracker face with banana and raisin ears, banana and chocolate chip tips for the eyes, bread muzzle with chocolate chips and bread feet and tail.

Here is Hannah's
I was running out of time and patience for her monkey. It had taken a while to figure it out and they were hungry. Also, I don't give her spinach yet, not sure if she can chew it or if she'd like it. So, I gave her broccoli tree tops.


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