Monday, March 12, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: Green

Muffin Tin Monday at

Well, I was able to plan my color muffin tins so the green tin would correspond with the green theme over at Muffin Tin Mom.
We had:
Green Eggs
Mashed avocado
Green pepper and broccoli
Romaine lettuce
Green Grapes
Lime Jello
Toast with green sugar crystals
(I was going to make the sugar in the shape of a shamrock, but it was a last minute idea and I could not get it ready in time.

And I surprised them with some green mint milk that I made by adding sugar and mint extract. Unfortunately they didn't really like it.

The above picture came about because of the way Hannah was eating her toast. Mommy forgot to cot the toast.

I kept dessert in the kitchen until they were ready.

Amelia pretended her's was a ice cream cone.

Hannah ate the frosting.

Tabitha made a heart. 

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  1. Green sugar makes child's faces look even cuter! Great lunch!

  2. love the sugar on their faces! I don't blame them for not liking the milk doesn't look that appetizing.

  3. You are seriously creative! Wish I had been there!


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