Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Flower

Tabitha has a special friend named Flower and she woke up yesterday telling us it was Flower's birthday. We were supposed to have pancakes for breakfast, Tabitha insisted. But mommy just doesn't have the time to fix pancakes for breakfast. They are usually the main course for Breakfast for Dinner Thursdays.  Tabitha was quite upset because we weren't allowing Flower to have her pancakes for her special Birthday Breakfast. We calmed her down by telling her we would have them for dinner (we hadn't had Breakfast for Dinner on Thursday this week because I had a dentist appointment).  Then there was a change of plans. Daddy and Tabitha made a cake while I was at an appointment. Daddy wanted to try adding chocolate chips and marshmallows to the batter. Yum, yum. When I got home I frosted it with Cool Whip.
The writing was done with Hershey's syrup.

Turns out Flower's birthday was to be a grand affair.  They made cards and gathered gifts.

Tabitha made a picture and put it by the television. This was supposed to be her printer. 

Which somehow turned that picture into a bigger picture:

This one is from Amelia:

Oh, let me introduce you to Flower:

Here she is getting ready to open her presents:

Amelia decided it was also her kitty cat's birthday.

Then Flower had to see her Happy Birthday sign that Tabitha made:

Time for the cake! Yes we sang Happy Birthday.

No, Flower is not in trouble, I just didn't want her to get dirty from the cake.

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