Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Cookies for Play Group

I realize I am a bit late in posting this, but with getting ready for Thanksgiving I never got this posted.

I found the idea for these turkey cookies on Pinterest.  I knew I was going to take a snack to play group. But I wasn't sure if it was going to be the turkey cookies I made last year, the turkey Rice Krispie Treats I made last year or something new. We decided something different would work well, and these are just so cute. You can see the pin here.

I did vary from the directions a little. I found the order of putting them together a little tricky, so this is how we made them:

First the girls helped put the candy corn in the side of the cookie after I put some frosting on it to hold them in place.

I tried to work on them going from left to right while placing them in.

When we finished all of the tails I had them help put the mini Reeses Cup bodies onto the top of the other cookies. First I cut off a sliver so it would stand better.

I found it easier to attach the tails with the body already attached.

Then a Whopper head:

And a candy corn tip beak.

And some gel eyes and frosting wattles.  

A flock of turkey cookies to take to play group.

They really enjoyed their sugar fix. 
Maybe next year I can find something a little healthier to bring.

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  1. Adorable! I love that you posted a picture of each step. The turkeys are really cute.

  2. Those are too cute! You did a great job on them. I'm sure the kiddos loved them!

  3. Those are just plain adorable! They turned out so well and I'm sure the kids loved them. :) Thanks for linking at Shine On Fridays; hope to see you again next weekend!

  4. Cute! Thanks for sharing with NOBH!


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