Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

We didn't do near as much as I wanted to in preparing for Thanksgiving this year. I feel I was much better prepared for Thanksgiving last year. Some days I just feel like I am dragging. I'm hoping the Christmas preps/Advent season are going to be more productive. We did make some great memories and focus on thankfulness, so thought I would share what we did do.

Of course we had our Mini Thanksgiving Feast Muffin Tin the Monday before Thanksgiving.

We made Turkey Cookies to take to Playgroup

Tabitha had made a cute turkey place mat at Story Time, so I had to have the other girls make one each.

I made a size activity-small, medium, big

And we made our first ever Cranberry Bread

Grandma came down for a visit and watched some of the Macy's parade with the girls. It was a tradition for me to go to the parade each year with my dad as I grew up in Queens. Now, I get to watch it like my mother did while staying home and cooking the meal.

Here are the finished placemats.

It was so funny. Hannah is not used to a placemat and she ignored it for a few minutes, then she pushed her plate aside, looked at the placemat and threw it on the floor.

I started the following tradition last year. Each day we think of something we are thankful for for each letter of the alphabet, starting with A of course. This year I even got them hung up (well most of them)

Here is the reverse side.

That is about what our Thanksgiving looked like. Hubby's parents came the next night for leftover Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the food was actually better warmed up. 

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  1. Those turkey cookies are completely adorable!!! Looks like you did some fun Thanksgiving activities.


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