Monday, November 7, 2011

An Easy Family Dinner Favorite: Grilled Pizza Sandwiches

Thought I would share one of my easy sandwich creations. I have been making these for a while. Hubby requests them a lot because he is a pizza-a-holic. He would eat pizza every day if he could. I am not even sure what the circumstances were when I created this sandwich. Maybe hubby wanted pizza and I didn't have time to make it. I'm not sure. But it was a "keeper recipe" from the start.

It is very simple to make and we like it best on Italian prepackaged sliced bread (D'Italiano is the name brand I know, but they do have store brands too).

When I make my grilled pizza sandwiches or regular grilled cheese sandwiches I have found it easiest to butter the bread first, with two sandwiches each for hubby and I and one each for the girls it is just quicker. So I butter them, placing the butter sides in and piling the next one on and so forth.

Then I spread a tbs full of spaghetti sauce on the top slice of bread.

Then I add the shredded mozzarella cheese.

Then the pepperoni.

I then place the top slice of bread with all its toppings on the griddle.

Then I very carefully hold the bottom slice of bread (remember it has already been buttered) and I spread sauce on the unbuttered side.

And place it on the other slice sauce side down. I have been known to put it the wrong way when not paying attention, usually when I am in a hurry.

Brown on one side, flip, brown on the other.


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  1. These look delicious and really easy to make! Thanks for sharing. I think my family would really enjoy these too. I'm bookmarking this for later reference. :)

  2. I'm gonna have to try these...looks yummy and so easy! thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it!! What a great idea! I'm always looking for new easy dinner recipes. This looks like a keeper to me too!

  4. I am visiting from the Tuesday Blog Trail. I am looking forward to your posts as I am a new GFC follower. Your pizza sandwiches look great. They remind of of the campfire pizza pies we make at the campground. When you get a chance stop by for recipes, cooking, entertaining, food storage ideas & more! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  5. oh yum! Nice and quick and I bet super tasty!!

  6. how creative!! can't wait to try these!!!


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