Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: November 22, 2011

Once again I have been neglecting my Tiny Talk Tuesday posting. I write things down and never get a chance to type them in and post. So, here are a few cute things the girls have said that I found floating around. 

Amelia had been in the kitchen this morning pouring herself some milk. Seems she spilled some on the floor (as she had the cup on the floor). I heard her say, "It didn't stop when I told it to stop."

On the way to play group today the girls were talking, Tabitha said something to me and I started to respond as I thought she wanted me to. She said, "Stop talking, your're gonna mess up my thinking." At first I thought she was talking to Amelia, but when I asked I found out she was talking to me. The funny thing is I had to keep running it through my head til we arrived at play group so I could write it down. Every time they said something I remembered what she said by thinking it myself.  It would have "messed up my thinking" if I kept listening to them.

One day last week Tabitha "fell" off Amelia's bed (sort of on purpose I think). She said, "I didn't get hurt, I just got a little bit broken leg."

Another day I was talking about them watching too much television. Tabitha said, "Mommy, my brain thinks, my brain thinks as well as I think it does."

We had ice cream for dessert one evening and Tabitha stirred her ice cream and got it all melted. The reasoning she gave, "I melted my ice cream so I can drink the sloppy better. Actually I melted the ice cream so I can eat it faster."

Hannah has been saying a few more things lately, though most of what she says is gibberish.  Today she ran over to daddy holding his work shirt saying "dada, dada."
She has also said "bye, bye" while waving.
And she can say "mama" when asked.

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  1. These childhood sayings and thoughts are precious! I often wish I could have saved each thing my 3 said and store them in my head. I never find the time to document too many of them! :(


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