Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: September 6, 2011

We were getting ready to go somewhere when I decided to clean the counter first last week. Tabitha said, "I never saw anyone clean up with a diaper bag over their shoulder."

The following is a discussion the girls were having yesterday while they were playing.  I was sitting at the computer and they didn't know I was recording what was being said.
Tabitha: I'm going to have two baby twins. Find out to get the bed and two baby twins, alright. As she lays on the floor and Amelia reaschies under her dress for her hamster babies. (Oh her name is Nena right now)
Amelia: Nena I like your house, we're visiting at your house. Nena you have a baby upstairs.
I'm going to have to go to the hospital. Tabitha come you're going to be the doctor. Come you're going to be the doctor. Come, you're going to be the doctor.
I got two baby twins in my uterus.
It's almost time to get out.
Tabitha: No mine is trying to get out.
How did it fall out
Amelia: Your baby fell out. but after all they have to get out.
I'm trying to cut your uterus open (Amelia was laughing)
Go back to bed.
Thanks you doctor
No I haven't got them out
Put them back in
No lie down and i will put them back in.

Amelia looked at me last night and said, "Mom, my diaper peed by itself. I was going to stay dry." (She still wears diapers to bed at night, but stays dry the rest of the time.)

Daddy was getting ready to go for his "nap" this morning (after a 4 day stretch of 12 hour shifts at work) when Tabitha said, "Fast forward the days, 'cause I want to wave "bye, bye I love you" to daddy. (We wave bye bye out the window or on the porch when he goes to work. He won't be working for 4 days, then has another 4 day stretch, not his usual schedule!)


  1. Hahaha!! Kids are such a trip sometimes!! I love what she said about the diaper peeing itself too - so great!


  2. love cleaning with the diaper bag on the shoulder... that SOOO would have me trying to get a little extra cleaning done as we head out the door;)

    LOL... about the diaper wetting itself!

  3. Cleaning up with a diaper bag over your shoulder - how cute that she noticed and commented on that! :)

    Happy TTT!

  4. Children say the funniest things - you gotta love them:-)
    Thanks for sharing with NOBH.


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