Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: September 11, 2011

This week's items are:
Bokeh, Process of Elimination, Remember, Statues, Flying High

Process of Elimination
I was playing around with Process of Elimination using Kat's instructions over at The Kat's Eye View. I decided to try to use other techniques rather than just cropping. I decided to try framing. Here is the definition I found at her blog, "Framing is how you frame the composition in the camera at the time of taking the photo, as compared to cropping which is done in post-processing." 
As we walked around town this evening I was looking at the town with different eyes. What looks interesting?  There was another lady, I think she must have been visiting because of Old Home Day, walking around with her family driving slowly behind her in the car. She was taking pictures of different "sights." Not that our town has that many of them. I decided to see what it was I found interesting as well.
I took shots of two different churches and also some of the children with one of the flower boxes.
When I got home I decided to play, once again, with My Memories Suite as a way to share my process of elimination.
Here are the shots of the Methodist church, the last shot is the final shot.

(It would have helped if the girls were cooperating a bit more in this one.  I really wanted a shot of the girls by the patriotic flower box, but I was trying to get an angle where there were no vehicles in the background distracting the eye)

For the following two shots of the Catholic Church I was trying to get a good shot of the cross at the top of the steeple

The girls will be able to look back and remember their first Old Home Day. And I am sure this day brought back great memories for long time residents of our town who remembered the Old Home Days of years gone by. And yes, that is our house in the background; we live next to the park.


This is my husbands remembrance of 9/11. It was the closest I could come to a "statue." 

 Flying High
I also played with framing for this shot.


  1. Like the angle you chose for your Flying High prompt. Red, White AND blue (with the sky). Lovely.


  2. Nice set! Lots of work on the process of elimination! Great job!

  3. I really like your Flying High photo. Haha, looks like we had the same idea!

  4. These are great! Love your set of process of elimination, very cool!

  5. excellent interpretations! Your elimination photos are awesome.

  6. Wonderful photos. I love how you did process of elimination. Your flying high is pretty.

  7. Great set of photos this week. I really love your take on flying high.

  8. Great examples of your Process of Elimination! It makes things interesting to try to remove the background clutter sometimes, doesn't it? I like how the one of the girls next to the flower box turned out, in the end. The focus is in the right place - on them and the color! Thanks so much for joining in with Exploring with a Camera!

  9. Love the patriotic feel of you hunt this week. great processing.

  10. I love your process of elimination images, they tell a lot.

  11. It looks like you're spending some real time on composition and you're doing a great job. Love how you spent time on process of elimination. Fabulous work!


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