Saturday, September 10, 2011

Old Home Day Is Back!!

I really do not remember the last time our town had an Old Home Day. I remember taking the older children out to a parade here in town when they were a lot younger. I never really noticed when they stopped though. I remember when I was still on the library board and they talked about the fact that the town was considering starting Old Home Day up again. I believe we have been off the board since before Hannah was born though, so it's been awhile. Today, for the first time in years, our town celebrated Old Home Day. There was a Kids and Pets Parade that we missed. Mommy woke up 1/2 hour too late to get us around on time. So we enjoyed looking at the vendors set up at the park and then we watched the parade.

Waiting For the Parade

 Long they decided to have their own parade.

 I think it's coming.

 Remembering 9-11

 After the parade (several hours after) we took a walk and saw these lonely looking chairs.

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