Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Photo Round-Up: March 9, 2014

I haven't been doing such a great job getting my photo challenge post up lately. I am going to try to do better. I am going to start with the prompts from a couple of weeks ago and share the pictures I was able to capture.

See/Sea/C, Chair, Symmetry, Blanket, Giggle


A Cereal C


He loves playing with these chairs when we are in the nursery at church. He also has this obsession with putting things together. He was trying to get the bottom of the two legs to touch.


Hannah's boots in the snow at church.


His Angry Birds swaddle blanket has become his blankey that he sleeps with every night and sometimes carries with him. This picture was taken on his birthday in memory of the month pictures I used to take of him.


Daddy was getting him to giggle away.

Now to move on to last week's prompts. 

Unusual crop, Details, On the Ground, Bloopers, Color

Unusual Crop


On the Ground



And now for this week.

Mini, Shoes, Mirror mirror, Shopping, Just Because


These little cookies look even smaller when they are all by themselves on the tray. They have mini M&Ms in addition to the chocolate chips.


I love these little shoes and wanted to get a picture of them before they didn't fit Harold anymore. He was being so helpful showing me his shoes, even when I was done taking pictures of the shoes and just wanted pictures of him sitting at the table.

Mirror, Mirror

Rear view mirror and side view mirror


We haven't gotten a chance to go "grocery shopping" yet this month, but I did stop at the store for a few things today.

Just Because

The fell asleep just because it was Sunday and we always take a rest on Sunday. I took the picture just because they looked so cute lying on the floor.

I haven't been doing a very good job keeping up with this challenge again this month, but this is what I did accomplish.

Day 1: Yellow
Just some Mini chocolate chips that were going to be used for the Oreo Frogs' eyes.

Day 2: Something Borrowed

An armful of books from the library.

Day 3: My Name Is...

Karen, Mommy, and Honey

Day 4: On My Mind

It's been on my mind lately how big Harold is getting. Now he wants to sit with his sisters in the booth or in a chair when we eat out. No high chairs for him.

Day 5: Something Beginning with I

Independent girls making a birthday cake and attempting frosting for Tabitha's stuffed elephant, Flower.

Day 6: Chair

Flower sitting in the chair at the table because it is her birthday.

Day 7: Fly

One of our Parmesan cheese container Frogs ready to eat the flies sissies are cutting out.

Day 8: Corner

Sitting in the corner, listening to the story at Story Time.

Day 9: 10am

Okay, it wasn't quite 10am, it was 11 something am and we were in the nursery at church. However, because the clocks had just "sprung ahead" it was like being a little after 10 in the morning.

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