Monday, March 3, 2014

First Day March 2014

Well, it is time for another "First Day" post. I guess you could say I am more faithful than last year. Third month of the year and I'm still posting. I didn't forget to post yesterday, we have just been having issues with our internet.

I wasn't feeling well on Saturday and I just wanted to stay in bed, staring at my sheets.

Daddy had worked all night, so I knew I had to get up, just wasn't in a rush to do so. The children invaded.

I really would have preferred staying there staring at the ceiling.

But, I got out of bed and made the bed. Yes, it seems a little silly when daddy is going to be going straight to bed, but I am trying to get into a habit of getting the bed made. How do you like the puppy hubby gave me for Valentine's Day?

Down the stairs we go.

As I stated, we have been having trouble with the internet. 

So, I got the girls' hair done.

Hannah decided to read a book while we were getting ready to go to Story Hour.

Gathering books for the library.

Story hour time.

He would not leave my side.

Craft time.

Snack time. Minion Princesses with Wheatables paper bags to go with The Paper Bag Princess.

Before going home I wanted to run to the Natural Foods store to grab some raw honey to see if it would help me feel better. Unfortunately it was crowded so I decided to wait.

Back home. Tabitha loves to unlock the door.

Poor little guy fell asleep on the way home, about a 15-20 minute drive.

He wouldn't let go of the candy bar I had bought him at the library though. We figure if we are going to spend around $1 for a candy bar in the store anyway, we will buy it from the library because the proceeds help the library.

Mommy decided to sneak some of her candy while making lunch. Okay, fine, I ate all of it.

Yes, he still had a hold of his candy bar.

Show time while I made lunch.

I spent some time on line doing some bloggy stuff.

And looking for books. Unfortunately I couldn't put any on hold at the nearby library because I am blocked because of too many overdue books. If you have 5 or more late they block your account.

That was when I decided to ask the librarian in our town if she could help me find some of the books I needed.

Daddy woke up for a drink and let me run to grab my honey and stop by the library for the books I had asked the librarian to help me find for the Poppins Book Nook and for co-op. More about the Poppins Book Nook tomorrow.

I stopped by the Natural Foods store first.

Then drove back to the library. 
I looked right...

...and left.

Time to go home and let hubby get some sleep.

The first thing I did was open the honey.

Of course Harold had to have some.

Then it was time to start dinner. Left over meat, pasta and corn sounded like a good dinner.

We like it when I warm it up in broth.

While I was waiting I sneaked some ice cream. 

Just for the record, that was how much ice cream was in the container when I started, not when I finished. I decided it was a ridiculous amount to have been saved, so I finished it.


While I was making dinner I was also checking out the geography book I borrowed from the library. I got some great ideas for co-op and for the Poppins Book Nook.

Saw this on Facebook. Whoever this person is, they took a Lego man and took pictures of his adventures every day for a year I believe.

Game time

Cleaning time

We were going to make our Oreo frogs but we ran out of time. They were supposed to be last week's Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen. It's been a while since I missed a week.

Someone was beat.

Luckily she had already brushed her teeth. But Hannah still had to brush hers.

Thought I would share one of Harold's pictures. He is always snitching the camera.

Printing out this months Motivated Moms Chore Planner. Review coming this week.

I don't usually have tea before bed, but I really needed some more tea and honey.

Snuggle time. The end of another day!


  1. pheeew...what a have a very busy day indeed ...lovely to put them all in one photo story..I'd like to try the same thing as well :)) the idea..TFS...

  2. Wow, crazy busy day! Looks like everyone enjoyed it though. :)


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