Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Photo Round-Up: February 2, 2014

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize I haven't participated in my photo challenges since the beginning of December!! I have really missed taking part in them. So, I guess it's time for me to share my photo challenge photos from this week and try to do a better job keeping up this year.

Beverage, Snuggle, Thick, Behind the Lens, Where You Were


My mornings usually start with a cup of mint green tea with raw honey (in my husband's mug because all my mugs have the handles broken off). I had to grab a picture of this cup because I loved that the top looks like little feet.

Last Sunday it was time for nap time and I came downstairs from putting Harold up for his nap to see Hannah had sneaked next to daddy on the couch where he was sleeping. She was moved to the love seat so as to not fall, but I had to snap a quick picture.

And later that night, when we were getting ready for bed, Harold thought he needed to have some daddy-snuggle time.

We bought some sliced mushrooms the other day, so I though they would go great on the pizza hubby wanted for dinner. Though they were a bit thick, so I ended up slicing them thinner. I just love mushrooms on my pizza.

Behind the Lens
I'm not sure how good of a camera this is, though I know one of these days I would love to be behind the lens of something a little better at taking pictures than my little point and shoot.

Where You Were
Hannah had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday of last week just to follow up on her speech delay. I had mentioned it in my Random 5 on Friday post. All is well, as we figured it was, as she has been speaking much more frequently and clearly since having wax taken out several months ago.


Day 1: You
This is me in the morning. The first thing I need to put on is my shoes because my foot hurts if I try to walk without it. Well, it hurts anyway, but it feels better to have the arch support of the shoe. So, I am walking around in my nightdress with sneakers on.


  1. So cute, snuggle time in shifts! Great shots!

  2. M 6'2" son won't snuggle any more so it is just cats and dogs for me. I love your footwear. I shovel snow in what I call my "Snow Crocs" Crocs lined with a fleece liner. They keep my feet warmer than boots.

  3. Nice shot of the mug with the footprints. If I had noticed that the prints would have disappeared by the time I got my camera out! I miss snuggling with all my little ones. The kids have grown up and moved out and the grand kids are too far away.

  4. I like your snuggle shots-so sweet. And your tea "feet" is very clever.

    I Only just got back doing some of my memes after being off for two months due to sickness, travel and then more sickness.


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