Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Photo Round-Up: February 16, 2014

I didn't get a chance to post last week so I am going to include last week's pictures after this week's. So, let's get started with Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Camouflaged, Nutty, Old Style, Haphazard, Monochromatic


When we came home the other evening Amelia and Hannah had fallen asleep in the van. We woke them up to get them in the house. Then we realized we couldn't find Amelia. She had camouflaged herself on the couch. I really hadn't noticed she was there and we were getting ready to check outside to see if she had gone back outside and gotten locked out. Big sigh of relief.


Yummy nutty Chocolate Peanut Butter Puff Cereal that my nutty son was feeding to his sister's kitty in the nursery at church today.

Old Style

While we were out at Pizza Hut redeeming the girls' Book It! certificates the other evening I noticed the old style Pepsi sign behind Tabitha.

I had forgotten I had taken the Pepsi sign pictures and was trying to finish up my prompts in the nursery at church this morning. I remembered that my camera has some fun "magic frames." Love this one with the old style television set that takes your pictures and places them in the tv in black and white. Can't say I like the color of that wallpaper though.


When we entered the nursery I noticed how the toys were just thrown in the toy box haphazardly, like most toy boxes, I would imagine.


It was a overcast, snowy day today with snow falling from the sky and blanketing the fields and ground. At first I was going to use this for next week's prompt, "blanket" but then I realized it worked quite well for monochromatic.

Now to move on to last week's prompts. 

Looking up, Light, Favorite Mobile Device, Outside, Inside

Looking Up

 Not sure what exactly he kept pointing to on the ceiling, but I was able to use it for this prompt.


He didn't really want to look toward me, seeing as the light was so bright.

Favorite Mobile Device

The only mobile device I had when I took this picture was my phone, so I shared one of my favorite things to do on my phone. Play Candy Crush. Now, I may have to say that the tablet we got for free from Verizon is my new favorite mobile device. It is so much easier to read books on it!


Just a-shoveling the snow outside. Not that they really needed to right there in the driveway, but they were having fun.


Harold was having a blast playing inside at co-op, driving the car along the wall.

I haven't been doing a very good job keeping up with this challenge again this month, but this is what I did accomplish.

Day 2: Favorite

Day 3: Something Orange

Day 5: Square

Day 7: Utensil

Day 8: Water

Day 14: Heart


  1. Lots of great photos. I've got to say I got a kick out of your little boy feeding the cereal to his sisters stuffed kitty. Also she certainly was camouflaged there on the couch. What a fun app with that old TV frame.

  2. It is so easy to get behind without realizing, especially with young ones in the house. I remember those days well. LOVE the TV photo the best, even the horrid wall paper.

  3. I really think camouflaged is just precious! All of your photos were just enjoyable!

  4. Not sure if my comment went through! Second try here. I think your camouflaged is just precious, and I enjoyed the rest of your photos too!

  5. I love your photos. The camouflaged little one is so cute. I like the TV frame for pictures. I need to see if I can find that somewhere. Great shot with your son feeding the nutty cereal to the kitty. Your daughter is so cute in the Pepsi sign photo.

  6. Very cute. Thanks for sharing! #BYB100


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