Sunday, February 2, 2014

First Day February 2014

Well, it is time for another "First Day" post. I guess you could say I am more faithful than last year. Second month of the year and I am posting for the second time. I almost forgot though. I got so busy in the morning that I didn't take pictures. So the first pictures are the result of what I was doing, well, part of the morning.

The playroom has been a wreck for quite a while now. Every time I try to organize it, the children get in there and wreck it again. So, mommy and daddy have had enough.

So, far, one bag for the thrift shop and one for the garbage. Some of that "garbage" used to be papers for the children and craft supplies, but they have destroyed them, so, bye bye.

Then it was time for their show before lunch. They have really been into The Magic School Bus lately.

While they watch their show, mommy makes lunch. Peanut butter and jelly is very popular around here.

Somebody is a bit impatient.

Did I mention he was impatient?

All ready to eat.

Harold didn't even wait for his sisters to join him. I think he was hungry.

Mommy's lunch. I have come to really enjoy left over roast warmed up with leftover rice, green beans and broth (made with bouillon cubes. It is what I cook the roast in in the crock pot) and sprinkled with garlic powder.

Oops, only one piece of fudge left for daddy.

And then it was time to get the dough started for dinner.

I looked over and Tabitha was helping do dishes. More like play in the water though, seeing as the dishes never really made it to the dish drainer. Mommy is thinking it is time to start having the two older girls do dishes after breakfast as an additional chore.

Tabitha was thrilled that her birthday present from Grandma finally came. She didn't realize that sending it "media mail" would cause it to take so long to get here. Usually we get mail from her in 1 or 2 days. It took from Monday to Saturday to come from 2 hours away. I do NOT like media mail.

Gotta love this expression as she tries to open the well-sealed package!  Sorry it is blurry.

I love how happy her sister is for her.

Daddy reading her Tinkerbell card to her.

Present time.

YAY!! More books to read!!

Of course, mommy had blog posts to get posted.

And the girls played the Mario and Sonic game on the WiiU.

Time for daddy to make his "lunch" for work. Not sure what we should call that meal in the middle of the night. He wakes up and eats dinner, eats "lunch" at work, and eats breakfast when he gets home, before going to sleep.

Dinner time.

Thirsty girl. She did a great job opening the carton all by herself.

After dinner I finally took the time to listen to the recorded webinar for, the online science curriculum we are reviewing. There is so much more than meets the eye.

Bath time.
Harold had to show me where the duck was. Getting bombarded by the water coming out of the faucet. Makes a great waterfall, huh?

Nail clipping time.

Cute little tootsies.

When we got back downstairs, this is the sight that greeted us. The girls were taking their turns on

Time to help mommy start the vacuum cleaner.

Start it and run away!

Time for Harold to watch the game playing while I give Hannah a bath.

I went back downstairs after her bath to get some things put away and some other odds and ends done. When I went back upstairs, this is what I saw. Poor little thing was tuckered out.

Oh, wait, so was Amelia. Sorry, this is the best picture I could get as she sleeps in the bottom bunk and it is so dark under there.

And Tabitha had to have some time to read her new books.

There, that looks better. Didn't even stir when I moved the books out from under her. I didn't attempt putting the pillow under her head though. Didn't figure it was a big deal because she usually doesn't stay on it all night anyway.

Still reading.

I had to change a diaper before we had our snuggle time. Who gave him permission to poopy his diaper right after his bath?

Snuggle time. If Hannah isn't sleeping, she will join us. We sit there and watch a show or movie and he sort of still nurses for 10-15 minutes, maybe.

This is how much of the movie I was able to see before taking him to bed.

I used to wrap him up in his Angry Birds blanket but now he scrunches it up and takes it into his crib with him.


Yes, she fell asleep reading. Truly a girl after mommy's heart.

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