Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five on Friday (a day late): February 1st

The Pebble Pond

Okay, I did remember about this last night. I was going to post it while we were watching our movie. Unfortunately, I fell asleep at the computer. Ooops.

There are funny things or cute things that will happen during the week that I would like to share, but they don't really make a post on their own. So, this is the perfect opportunity to share them.

1. We had to take Hannah to the doctor this past week for a followup for her speech delay. Her speech has improved dramatically since the doctor removed the wax that was built up in her ear. The doctor has no concerns and actually felt a bit bad having us come in because it was obvious that she was doing great. He asked if any of the other children needed to be seen so we didn't have a wasted trip. I have never seen a doctor do this! So, we got Tabitha's sore throat and hurting knee looked at. She was fine, thankfully. When we thought she might have strep she was so upset that she might not be able to go to co-op the next day.

Goofing around while waiting for the doctor. Why do they make you go in so soon and then just make you wait?

They like to hide behind the exam table to surprise the doctor and the doctor plays right along. They love him.

As always, Harold is moving furniture.

Had to share the artwork on the door leading out of the office.

 2. Harold insists on standing up when he eats, whether it is in a chair or on a stool. This stool actually belongs in the bathroom.

 3. We got to see my oldest son this past week. He met us at Ponderosa to help celebrate Tabitha's 7th birthday. I will be sharing more pictures for Wordless Wednesday.

 4. The girls were acting all goofy the other evening, dancing around to the music daddy was playing while he was doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

 5. Harold was having a blast pushing Hannah's Scout around in the dump truck he got for Christmas.

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  1. I miss having littles to be silly with. I wish I had been blogging when the girls were little. What a great doctor you have!


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