Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five on Friday (Oops I Mean Saturday): February 15th

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Well, I am a day late again, but I remembered. I actually did remember yesterday, just didn't have time to get the post done.

There are funny things or cute things that will happen during the week that I would like to share, but they don't really make a post on their own. So, this is the perfect opportunity to share them.

1. I couldn't help but share this picture of Harold. My sister got him this hat for Christmas and he just loves it, as do I.

 2. The other night I was trying to get some things done before taking the children to bed. I turned around and saw this sight.

Usually we don't sleep on the back of the love seat.

 3. We made tiaras (or crowns as the case may be for Harold) this week. I was participating in Little Learning Lovies Homeschool Soiree on Facebook and she had challenged us all to take pictures of ourselves in tiaras. We were to include the children if we wanted and the hubby as an extra challenge. I thought this would be tons of fun because we were supposed to start our letter J: Jewels unit this week. Well, we never got the unit started because of trying to get Valentine's stuff done, but we did use our jewels in a couple of projects.

 4. We went grocery shopping the other day and I had two big helpers putting groceries away. The other two had fallen asleep in the car and went back to sleep as soon as they got in the house. I really appreciated their help, but, as you can perhaps tell, I am going to be needing to do some reorganizing.

 5. We had a full Valentine's Day. The children were greeted by their mailboxes on the table filled with goodies.

Then I served them a breakfast of pink heart-shaped pancakes, sausage x's and honey nut Cheerios o's.

While daddy was gone, we made him his "cards."

Hand prints that form a heart in the middle.

And then when they dried they wrote a little saying and signed the cards.

Then they waited for daddy to come home to give them to him.

And, I gave them a Valentine's Day Muffin Tin and opened Valentines from our Valentine's Day exchange we were participating in with the Crew. Neither of which, it appears, I can share pictures of because my computer won't load my pictures from my camera all of a sudden.

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  1. Don't you love when the kids "help" and then it takes twice as long to fix their "helpfulness"? LOL! Ah, well, at least they were trying! :)


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