Saturday, February 8, 2014

Five on Friday (a day late): February 8th

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Well, I am a day late again, but I remembered. I actually did remember yesterday, just didn't have time to get the post done.

There are funny things or cute things that will happen during the week that I would like to share, but they don't really make a post on their own. So, this is the perfect opportunity to share them.

1. I have been amusing myself with the lovely designs made in my tea each morning when I put my honey in, give it a little stir and let it sit for a while to dissolve.

 2. We got a decent amount of snow this week, so the children wanted a chance to go out and play. They didn't stay out for long as it was so cold. But I was able to grab several decent pictures.

 3. I was tearing some paper into little pieces in an attempt to make an orange collage. Harold wanted to help, so I let him. He was having a blast tearing and throwing the paper.

 4. I found a cute book at the thrift shop a couple of months ago. I hadn't shared it with the children yet, but they found it and took off with it. I had to share their creations. First of all, here is the book.

And a couple of examples from the book.

Here are the girls' creations.




 5. Yesterday, Tabitha and Amelia wanted to teach Hannah and Harold. So I let them. They did calendar with them and taught them every letter of the alphabet.

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  1. That Hand Art books looks like it would be very awesome. I loved seeing their creations. I had to chuckle about the orange paper and the throwing it. That's something my daughter would do. It has been so cold here. When we get snow the kids can't enjoy it. The snow is not packy enough and then it's bitter cold.

  2. Loved the hand art book. Thank you for linking with the Virtual Fridge last week. Your hand art has been featured this week. Please email me for your I was featured button

    Thank you for sharing this with us last week. You are this weeks feature project please email me for your 'I was featured button'


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