Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wittle People Wednesday October 25, 2012

Welcome to  "Wittle People Wednesday,"  hosted by Ashley of Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk. Yep, I'm a day late again. Never got a chance to get on the computer yesterday to do anything besides glance at a few things.

I decided this would be fun to link up to as I am always taking pictures. I use some for Wordless Wednesday, some for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday (also hosted by Ashley) and some in my homeschool posts (the weekly review and the Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen posts), but sometimes there are pictures I would love to share that just didn't find a way into a post.

Here are some recent pictures of my "Wittle People."

This is Harold's first time in a high chair. We use the Bumbo at home.

He will sometimes (okay, most of the time) blow raspberries while eating. This time I had to laugh at the dots of food up his face.

I just love this little scrunch up expression. He does this a lot and will breathe in and out of his nose. We will imitate him and he LOVES it!

Not the most sanitary of things to do, but I had to catch a shot real quick.

I took his 8 month pictures, though they were a few days late. I love him in this shirt. He wears it with some green overalls and these pants. 

It's not as easy to take his picture anymore. He kept doing this.

Finally got one!

And some floor shots.

Speaking of eating at home. Yesterday I just sat him on the floor (I believe the Bumbo was in the car from when we went to Homeschool Co-op). He sat there so good the entire time. Who needs a Bumbo or high chair?


  1. omg little man is too cute! I love when he has a full on smile, his face is just lit up! God bless him!

  2. What a great personality he has, and he is adorable! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    Following you from the Loving the Readers Blog Hop!

  3. What a cutie! Is he always so smiley? :)

  4. How adorable!!! I miss those sweet moments now that my kids are older.


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