Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: MFW Unit: Aa: Apple

Muffin Tin Monday at Muffintinmom.com

Today we started our unit on Aa Apple. So this muffin tin meal was a combination of apple foods and "a" foods.

We started out with some guacamole (because it is made from avocados) to dip our veggies in.
Then added some:
Apple Rolls (generic Apple Jacks)
Apple Danish
And an Apple Shaped peanut butter and apple butter sandwich with mini chocolate chip seeds, shredded cheese stem and green pepper leaf.

The didn't like the asparagus. Can't say I blame them though. Canned asparagus is icky. Surprised me that only Tabitha ate her danish though. And I forgot they don't really like the guacamole. They probably would have eaten plain avocado better, but our store didn't have any. Not surprised. Was more surprised that they had guacamole.

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  1. I can't get my children to eat guacomole either, which is funny because I loved it as a child and would practically eat it with anything.

    Awesome idea :-)

  2. Love the muffin tin idea! Teaching preschoolers is so much fun!!

  3. Smart way to teach them so many things! I love this idea!

  4. I can not believe you have a store that does not have an Avocado!! I would die. lol


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