Monday, October 8, 2012

Eco Ditty Flash Giveaway: Oct 8-9, 2012

Welcome to this great Flash Giveaway!

Eco Ditty Flash Giveaway Oct 8-9, 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness October Relay Dedicated to Our Lives

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This amazing giveaway was made possible to eco•ditty, the company that cares about clean touch for your food and for your carbon prints you leave on the planet.
The woman behind the eco•ditty product line is Jennie Hammers, a mom to a toddler and a woman-entrepreneur. Jennie's philosophy of eco-friendly is that only truly non-harmful and ecologically clean materials should be used when it comes to our health. Too many hormone disrupters are out there, hiding inside the plastics and all sorts of containers that are responsible for holding, storing and transporting our food.
Eco•Ditty style is 100% Organic inside and outside! All your food stored in the variety of containers for your sandwiches, snacks, lunches will remain fresh and uncontaminated.
Jennie, a huge Thank-You to you and your truly wonderful eco•ditty products that support this monthly campaign against Breast Cancer. Against All Cancer.
Look what you've got to win this time!
Eco Ditty Set of Lunch, Snack & Sandwich Bags, $55 Value
[caption id="attachment_5770" align="aligncenter" width="534"]PinkSet-EcoDitty-Prize
Eco Ditty Organic Set of Lunch, Snack & Sandwich Bags[/caption]
Thank you for stopping by this giveaway today. As part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign this month, we encourage you to take good care of yourself by making your monthly breast self-exams a priority in your life. Your happiness and the joy of your loved ones deeply depend on what you do regularly. Please make one more priority your important one!
This giveaway has been prepared by:
Celebrate Woman Today – Giving Women Moments to Celebrate Every Day
. Mommy’s Memorandum – Amazing place where life is never dull! Pittsburgh Frugal Mom – Educating consumers on best practice purchases through reviews and shopping.

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  1. Ecologically clean materials is the way to go. Let's be good role models for our kids!

  2. Eyes of the World is super cute


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