Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wittle People Wednesday #5: October 3, 2012

Welcome to my 5th week of "Wittle People Wednesday," the new linky hosted by Ashley of Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk. (I sort of skipped a week.) I realize this post is a day late. I had it almost ready to go and never got a chance to get it published. So, here you go.

I decided this would be fun to link up to as I am always taking pictures. I use some for Wordless Wednesday, some for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday (also hosted by Ashley) and some in my homeschool posts (the weekly review and the Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen posts), but sometimes there are pictures I would love to share that just didn't find a way into a post.

Here are some recent pictures of my "Wittle People."

He doesn't usually have a bottle as he is nursed, but we wanted to give him some juice as he seems to be a bit constipated. I sat him on the floor and handed him the bottle and he did a great job holding it.

Our playful little guy. 

Not sure why he was so serious here. We were getting ready to go somewhere and I was going to use it for the "Getting Ready" prompt for last Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but I ended up using another shot.

Here he is playing in the church nursery. He is getting so much better at sitting.

Hannah FINALLY has enough hair to put it up. Tabitha is actually the one who insisted I put it up like a friend at playgroup. I can remember when the other two had there hair like this. Tabitha also took forever to get enough hair to do something with. 

My sleepy little guy. This is another shot I took while trying to get the perfect shot for "Teeny Tiny" in this week's Scavenger Hunt. I just love this picture even though it is a little blurry. 

The girls decided to dig up our carrots the other day. I had quite forgotten we had planted them. Maybe next year I will be able to focus a little better on our "garden" without having a newborn to worry about.

They didn't grow very good. I believe it is a combination of not thinning, not weeding and bad soil.
(I know this isn't a shot of the children, but I wanted to share a sampling of what they found, plus, they are sort of "wittle" aren't they.)

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