Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday: July 24, 2012

Amelia and Daddy were talking (he told me about this conversation).
She remembered our house was somebody else's house and we "borrowed it."
Daddy told Amelia, "We bought it."
Amelia, "How did w pay for it?"
Daddy, "It wasn't easy."
Amelia then asked, "How did it fit on the payer thing?"

The other day Tabitha had asked if they could have a television in their room when they got older. We don't think children need a tv in their room and I told her probably not.
She replied, "When I'm a mom I think I'll be nice and let my kid have a TV in their room to watch movies at night."
It's the way she said, "I'll be nice" that really got to me.

Amelia was on the upstairs landing and I was trying to figure out why she wasn't getting ready for bed like she was supposed to. I heard her say something about a bug and asked her what bug she was talking about.
Her response, "The bug that's speedy and doesn't get killed."
Went to look and it was an earwig. Ick, can't stand those things.

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  1. Ha ha! Too cute! I also have an Amelia who says silly things. :)


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