Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Photo Round-up: July 22, 2012

Wrapped, Time Together, Tell Me a Story, Love or Couple, Duplicated 


Wrapped in his Miracle Blanket baby Harold goes to bed around 10:30 or 11:00pm and sleeps until about 7 or 8 in the morning. After I nurse him to sleep, sometimes he wakes a bit while being wrapped, other times he is completely out. On those occasions he wakes up a bit he fusses a bit, but is usually asleep within 5 minutes.

Time Together
Sorry it is so dark in our living room. Here we are having our movie and popcorn night earlier this evening. This is a once a week family time treat.

Tell Me a Story

Hubby and I were getting things cleaned up after dinner one night and we looked over and saw Hannah had gone into the kitchen to get the sponge. She was cleaning the table without being asked. Isn't she such a good helper?

Love or Couple

See how each of the baby bunnies looks like a duplicate of the others in the mama rabbits apron pouch?
(BTW, this is my plastic bag holder.)

Now onto 
July Photo a Day

Day 15: Finger

The fingers of my Bluette Gloves which I need to wear while cleaning or doing dishes so my hands don't break out.

Day 16: Sign

The sign on a bank in a nearby town. I took the picture to proof I arrived on time.

Day 17: Addiction

My Chocolate Panda Paws ice cream addiction sure isn't helping me lose weight.

Day 18: Plate

Clean plates ready to come out of the dishwasher

Day 19: Animal/Insect/Pet

Our Ant Zone, where only several ants are still alive.  The children love watching them, as do I.

Day 20: Eyes

This is one of a group of pictures I took in the morning after I nursed baby Harold and he was laying beside me. I was drawn to his eyes.

Day 21: 9 o'clock

At 9:00 this evening we were watching Flushed Away.

 And linking up my favorite photo:

(We arrived home and before I could take baby Harold out of the car I had to snap this shot. I love the way he is holding his hands together while he sleeps.)


Happily Mother After

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  1. Oh, those tell me a story shots are precious! My two-year-old used to do the same thing!

  2. I love Hannah cleaning the table. So sweet.

  3. Very sweet post. Your children look so adorable in the Time Together Shot and the Tell Me a Story. What precious memories.

  4. Hannah is such a good little helper. How cute!

  5. Sleepy baby photos are the best!

  6. Hanna is such a big helper! And Harold looks adorable holding his hands!


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