Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Photo Round-up: July 8, 2012

Patriotic, View From Above, Mosaic, Something Tiny, Vibrant


I saw these pillows while in Walmart on July 4th, thought they were cute and appropriate for this prompt.

However, then I made the girls a patriotic dessert and thought that would be good too.

Then I realized the flowers outside the post office were a bit on the patriotic side too.

 View From Above
I saw this little ladder resting against a mailbox on our way to Summer Reading Program this week. I thought it would be cute for this shot. 

I just received this "My First Picture Maker" in the mail to review as part of my Back to Preschool Giveaway Blast. The girls didn't get a chance to use it yet, but they are looking forward to it. 

 Something Tiny
I took this picture of the tiny white flowers before realizing the arrangement was sort of patriotic. 

(oops didn't get anything)

Now onto 
July Photo a Day

Day 1: Self Portrait

And what is a picture of me without my girls in it (though in the background).

Day 2: Busy
(wasn't sure what to take a picture of for this)

Day 3: Best Part of Your Day
The time when I was able to relax after getting everything cleaned and kids in bed.

Day 4: Fun
We have fun in the morning while still in bed after nursing. Sometimes we do baby exercises other times we play.

Day 5: On the Floor
Second time he got to sit in the Bumbo (on the floor). First time he stayed in it for any length of time and didn't cry. Loved his smirk.

Day 6: Chair
This chair was my older daughter Krystal's chair. She was given this when she was only a year or so old. And now the little ones get to use it.

Day 7: Garden
The girls love when they get a chance to go out and play in the sprinkler when it is on to water the garden.

 And linking up my favorite photo:

(I just love that the girls love their brother so much and always want to hold him and play with him. This is one of my favorite pictures this week because it shows how big he is getting. Oh, and it shows that he likes to blow bubbles and make raspberry sounds.)


Happily Mother After

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  1. Love the tiny flowers, and they smell good too!

  2. check out my patriotic efforts

  3. Nice shots - I love that Patriotic pillow!

  4. Good set for the prompts.
    Those Patriotic Pillows are so cool, love the one with all the names of the states.
    Great looking dessert as well.
    What a cute "tiny" little ladder.
    Also loved your last shot of the kids.

  5. Great photos. Love all your photos.


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