Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What ARE my girls up to?

I haven't been very motivated lately when it comes to our homeschooling, you might have noticed this. I remember feeling the same way in the last trimester before Hannah was born, but we seemed to get more done back then. I still have more I want to do with our Pizza theme. Of course I really should be getting my Valentine's Day activities done too.  Arrrrgggg.
Today I wanted to share what Hannah has been up to, and a little of what the older two have been doing, besides wrecking the playroom.
Hannah loves to read books.

And if the TV is on, you will most likely find her in front of it on her knees, sitting Indian style or like this:

She is enjoying playing with her Goosie Cards (review and giveaway coming soon)

Last week I got out our Pizza activity that I made a while ago. I drew a pizza onto a piece of poster board and left places to put the toppings for a one to one activity. We have some great magnets I found a while back.  Hannah wanted to use it the one day, so I let her.

Even without showing her what to do, she was placing the magnets into the circles. I think it is time for some puzzles!!

She loves her sisters' computers. She has one of her own, but it needs batteries. In the pictures here, she wanted to read, but she didn't want to leave the computer either.

Tabitha and Amelia have been putting on shows, they love to use their microphone, especially after they recently started watching Sid the Science Kid. If you haven't watched this show, Sid uses his microphone to share things and the girls have really upped the use of their microphone.

One day, Hannah picked up the microphone and decided to put on her own show.

Amelia was building with blocks one day and created these buildings.

Tabitha wanted to make some too, so Amelia showed her how.

Hannah just loves building towers.


  1. What fun you have! JDaniel loves those microphones too.

  2. oh wow three girls~ I have three boys, I've never seen so many dresses! fun!

  3. Love all the fun pictures. My son is on the go all the time! We jump from game to game! LOVE IT!

  4. I am very interested in those Goosie Cards! my son just turned 2 and we need to work on his vocabulary. He says A LOT of words but they are things like colors, shapes, numbers and ABCs. We need to work on communication skills :)


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