Monday, January 9, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: Make Your Own Pizza

Muffin Tin Monday at

Today I couldn't decide WHAT to do for a muffin tin. Hubby had called early this morning from the store, wanting to know if I needed anything. Having been woken up I was not very helpful. He suggested having the girls make a English muffin Pizza. So, between us we came up with the toppings that I would include in the muffin tin. 

Spaghetti sauce
Shredded cheese
Slices of pepperoni cut in quarters
Cut up ham
Broccoli and green pepper
Chopped tomatoes

 I helped Hannah top her pizza.

 And Tabitha and Amelia topped theirs.

 Of course, Hannah started eating right away. She chowed down on the food left in her tin. Well, most of it anyway. The cheese is her favorite.

 In fact, I added some food for her to eat while the pizza muffins cooked.

 And the older girls were able to play outside for approximately ten minutes. Yep, it is a sunny day, but the girls found out it was colder than it looked.

They cooked for 10 minutes on 375.

 What they didn't know, was that while they were outside playing, I was making  Dessert Muffin Pizzas.

I took the other half of their English Muffin (plus 1 whole one for me) and spread it with tub butter (spread). Then I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top. Some apple slices were laid on top of that (1 apple was sufficient for the 5 muffin halves). Then I sprinkled more cinnamon sugar and cooked them for the same amount of time (10 min on 375). I threw them in the oven right after taking the pizza muffins out. They cooked while we ate. The girls didn't even have a clue. I love surprising them.


  1. The regular and fruit pizzas look great!

  2. Love that you surprised them with the dessert pizzas!

  3. I love the fruit pizza surprise you had waiting for them!

  4. We did English Muffin pizza muffin tins too this week! I love the idea of the dessert one. The girls must have loved that!

  5. These look great - and every time someone does a MYO-pizza Muffin Tin it reminds me how much I want to do one!

  6. Love those round plates with the muffin cups. Do you have a source for those? Thank you. I've googled to no avail.


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