Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: December 11, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Less is More, Holiday Lights, Ornaments, Cup of Cheer and Nativity

Less is More

I wasn't exactly sure to do with this one. Then I decided a tree with less leaves was showing more branches.

 Holiday Lights

This house in a nearby town has it set up so their lights are in sync with the music from a local radio station from 5pm to 10pm. It is actually quite beautiful. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were not charged sufficiently to get a video.

We went Christmas caroling last night at a nursing home and these huge ornaments hung from the ceiling. I thought they were cool.

Cup of Cheer
This is a mug my daughter got to give her friend for Christmas. I assume it will bring her friend some Christmas cheer.

Umm...well, my nativity is still in the box. We will be getting it out, probably this week, because we put up a piece or two at a time when we read the Christmas story.  I was hoping to find a outdoor scene to photograph, but no luck. 
Here is our nativity that I shared last week though:

Happily Mother After
And my favorite shots of the week show Hannah opening the Christmas book on her day of the countdown til Christmas. I just love the look of anticipation:

Opening the present:

And the first thing she did was open the book and "read" it.

Then we had a special time reading it.

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  1. Love seeing children enjoying reading. Such special moments you always share!

  2. Love your nativity! Love to see kiddies reading books.

  3. I almost used a bare tree - there limbs are so much more dramatic without leaves. :)
    Sweet look on your little one's face.
    My granddaughters love books. A wonderful start to be reading so young.

  4. These are all lovely! Your house looks so festive and bright!

  5. Cool shots this week! I love the monster ornaments. Very nice!

  6. What a festive set of shots! I love this time of year - the photo ops are endless!

  7. Love the nativity, very pretty, and cup of cheers as well! :)

  8. we are doing the advent book a night here as well - kids love it

  9. Thanks for yor visit. Love your shots. Christmas is such a great time for family. Thanks.

  10. I love your interpretation of "less is more"....perfect!


  11. Great job - I actually really like your interpretation for less is more.


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