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Muffin Tin Monday: Advent JOY (with Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen Making Angel Food Cake (linky)

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Yesterday started the third week of Advent and we got to light the Joy candle.  We talked about the angel coming to Zechariah and Mary to tell them the good news of the miraculous births coming soon. So today I tried to focus the muffin tins on JOY and the angels who brought the good tidings.

We started the day by making the Angel Food Cake that have a part in our lunch muffin tin.  This is our time of Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen this week (which we haven't done for a couple of weeks). We just used a boxed mix.

I do not have a tube pan so we use two bread loaf pans.

Here is our muffin tin.

The place of honor went to a slice of our Angel food cake unto which I sprayed Redi-Whip in the shape of the word JOY. Then I sprinkled it with sugar crystals.

Then they had Angel hair pasta with Angel wings. I had also mixed in some sauteed bell peppers and mushrooms and topped it with parmesan cheese.

Then I wanted to make something in the shape of angels. I spread peanut butter and jelly on the tortillas and made a sandwich. Then I took my gingerbread boy cookie cutter and cut out some "angels." I cut out some hearts from plain tortillas. Then I sprayed them with cooking spray, sprinkled them with yellow sugar crystals and baked them at 400 for 5 minutes. I had remembered we had done something similar for Valentine's Day.

Here is what the angels looked like. Very tasty with the pb&j.

They had bell peppers to represent the bells that ring from the churches to spread news of joy. Then apples sliced horizontally so we could see the star as it was a star that led the wise men to Jesus. And hubby found some Hershey's chocolate bells. Oh, and I spelled out JOY with muenster cheese as well.

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Do you have your children help you in the kitchen?  What lessons do they learn? Do you have any kid friendly recipes to share?
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  1. and I love your Christmas tins too! You have to do times 3 to make muffin tin lunches! good for you, and your girls look so happy to have them! they also look like very good bakers! :)

  2. It turned out so well! Very creative :-)

  3. Looks like a great meal! Love the joy in the center and on your cake. What great little helpers you have!

  4. What a wonderful theme! I love all the "joy" in your tin!

  5. I found you at Muffin Tin Meals and will now follow. There is also a weekly meme at Bento Blog Network. Each week has a theme and submissions are taken through Tuesday. This MTM would be perfect for this week's December Holiday's theme. Hope you come on over!!


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