Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up- June 14, 2011

Welcome to the NEW and improved and very exciting

Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up

with your hosts Purple Froggie Clay Stuff  and  Tots and Me 
and Classified: Mom

This link up will be posted Monday at 8 PM Central Standard Time (CST) run all week, so be sure to stop in as often as you can to list your latest giveaways. The giveaway link up will be posted on Monday nights so be sure to follow Purple Froggie Clay Stuff, Tots and Me and Classified: Mom via email so you can keep up on all of the link-up-ed-ness.

Here is how to use the Giveaway Link Up

1. Post your giveaways, as many as you have, be sure to add the end date

2. Now you can post reviews and anything you would like (family friendly please)

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  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with your give-away! LOL! I'm responding to your comment on my blog post. MBTP is Moving Beyond the Page...I used it in the past and wasn't impressed because it didn't challenge Julie like I thought it should (without me super beefing it up). I wrote about why I am using it for the summer here (and there's a link in the post):


    I found that it fits perfect for just "light, fun" summer school with topics Julie already knows about but can work on more with books and hands on projects. Plus the package I went with has picture books so Packy can tag along. If I wanted to use this as "real" curriculum to actually challenge Julie, I would easily buy the 8-10 year old age range materials!! But that wouldn't fit with "fun, relaxed" summer school! LOL


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