Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: June 28, 2011

I missed posting for a couple of weeks, so some of these are a couple of weeks old.

I was asking the girls about opposites because we were discussing opposites with our Weaver Interlock lesson.  I asked, "What is the opposite of light?"
Amelia answered, "Off," while motioning turning off a light switch.

Tabitha kept saying she was making a jelly bean sandwich.  I thought she was pretending. She brought out her piece of bread with peanut butter and 9 jelly beans.  Daddy of course asked if she had permission to get so many jelly beans, they are usually allowed one each morning
"I forgot to count.  In the recipe it said, 'Count first.'"

After Grandma was up for Amelia's birthday party and had spent time outside planting more seeds in our garden Tabitha was wondering if Grandma's bikinis were growing. (she planted zucchini)

Tabitha said they were doing homework and were busy girls
Amelia said, "Actually I'm just doing paperwork."

The girls were eating cookies with lunch.  Of course I enjoy dunking my cookies.  Tabitha had just drank some milk and she said, "We chew our cookie and it goes down our throat to our milk."
A few minutes later Amelia said, "Our milk goes up in our cookie."


  1. These are so cute! The paperwork comment is my favorite - and my, what a sandwich! ;)

  2. Laugh out loud when I read the "Grandma's bikinis" comment. Too funny.

    (Visiting from Tiny Talk Tuesday.)

  3. LOVE that sandwich! So cute! Happy TTT!

  4. funny sandwich and grandma's bikinis.... too funny!!


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