Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Day April 2014

Well, it is time for another "First Day" post. I guess you could say I am more faithful than last year. Fourth month of the year and I'm still posting!

I did not want to be up at this time in the morning. I had gone to bed at a decent time for a change, hoping to get up early to get my review worked on. I woke up and watched a full movie and was still wide awake. Finally got to sleep part way through a second movie.

So by the time I woke up it was after 7am. Fortunately the children were still sleeping.

Had to get some laundry in the dryer. Forgot yesterday.

Need some socks so I can get my shoes on.

Bloggy time. Worked a little on my review.

Getting my Wordless Wednesday up.

What do my little ears hear? First kiddo up claims the heater vent.

Some Wordless Wednesday linking up.

Smarty pants daughter teasing mommy.

Notice what it says:

Frosty morning

Every time I try to get a picture of a bird in a tree it flies away.

Finally captured one, not a great shot though.

Breakfast for the early riser.

Little brother is up. Of course he doesn't know how to walk down the stairs himself or walk by himself. Or so it would seem the amount of times Amelia thinks she needs to pick him up and carry him.

Printing out some file folder fun.

Gathering time.

These interesting expressions are to show the children's displeasure to the cloudy day.

Figuring out how big a quail egg is.

Making a popcorn chain bird feeder.

Pretending to be the popcorn all curled up in a ball waiting to get heated up to pop.

Looking at a book together.

Some worksheet time.

What is that in our yard?

Finally seeing the robins!

Lunch. Grilled pizza sandwiches

Such a big boy carrying his plate by himself.

Time to go visit.

Listening to Casey at the Bat in the van.

Amelia was "conducting."

Frozen treats. We try to limit these to one a month.

Walking through the hardware store.

To get my gloves.

Still trying to get my head wrapped around The Logic of English Essentials.

Play time!

Then it was time for a walk.

Finally got a decent picture of birds in a tree.

This empty lot was a house a couple of weeks ago. We were sad to see it burn down, but fortunately everyone was okay.

The older children used to race around what we call "The Rainbow." It is just a rounded driveway in front of the Frontier building.

Daddy playing Zelda...

...while the children watch.

Or play with Legos.

While mommy works on her review some more.

Daddy falls asleep on the couch regularly and the kiddos will climb on him to rest (or climb all over him).

Finally my review is posted!

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