Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday Photo Round-Up: November 24, 2013

It's time for me to share my photo challenge photos from this week.
I will start with Scavenger Hunt Sunday as always.

Horizon, Sharp, Leather, Blue, Diagonal Lines


I found out how sharp these can be the other day when I was cleaning the table with my gloves on (as always) and didn't realize there was a needle on the table. It must have gotten stuck in the crack and when I scrubbed over it I drove it right into my palm. Ouch

We do not have anything leather, so this is the best I could do.

This was taken at 5pm last Sunday for my 5 o'clock shot. I decided there was quite a bit of blue in it, so I thought I would use it for this prompt.

 Diagonal Lines
Christmas lights around a light pole that I saw as we went back to our car after watching Catching Fire the other night.


Day 17: 5:00
I set my alarm for 5 pm so I could wake up from my nap.

Day 18: Mirror

I used these before for the prompt Mirror Image, but I couldn't help using them again.

Day 19: Where You Ate Breakfast

Day 20: Communication
It is not very often that I communicate with my daughter on the phone. We usually communicate via Facebook.

Day 21: I wish I had...
Willpower, to not eat so much of this yummy peanut butter fudge hubby made. Of course, now that it is all gone I also wish I had more.

Day 22: Behind
I guess his behind shouldn't be on the table. It was just so cute though.

Day 23: Simplicity
It wasn't that simple to get a decent shot of this simple tree with my little point and shoot camera.


  1. Wow, blue and diagonal rock! But they are all great- your leather is creative!

  2. Nice set of photos. I like how you improvised with the leather shot. The pictures of the girls with the mirror image are great. The boy on the table was a good idea.

  3. I liked your Horizon shot - Very pretty.
    Ouch on the sharp, sorry you found out the hard way how sharp those can be.
    Diagonal lines was festive.


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