Monday, November 11, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday: Penguin Fun


Yes, we are doing the letter P again this week. It will be our final week of P: Penguin and then we are moving on to some Thanksgiving fun. For our final P muffin tin I actually created a Penguin theme. About time, right?

Here is our Penguin Muffin Tin

They had Penguin shaped Nutella Bread
Fish shaped pear
Cottage cheese snow
Hard boiled egg
Carrot stick fishing poles
Ranch dressing
and Pepperoni Pizza because well, we had it.

To make the penguins I just cut a penguin shaped body out of bread (they sort of look like bowling pins I have read, it worked). Then I cut two little crescents out of bread for the wings. I spread Nutella on the body and wings then I added chocolate chip eyes, carrot beak and feet and a rice crisp belly.

Here is Harold's tin. He had everything except the pizza. I just cut the food up a bit more for him.

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