Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Photo Round-Up: November 17, 2013

It's time for me to share my photo challenge photos from this week.
I will start with Scavenger Hunt Sunday as always.

Pattern, Sunglasses, Round, Looking in, Crunchy

Happened to see this lovely holiday pattern on the window ledge behind where we were sitting in the restaurant.


We haven't really been needing the sunglasses outside, but Tabitha was very willing to dress up "fancy" so I could take a picture. Then Harold found them and wanted me to put them on him. Couldn't resist sharing his picture too.

Found this woolly bear caterpillar in our yard and Tabitha was playing with it when it curled up into a nice round ball. Perfect timing for my picture taking. It is now somewhere in our van because she tried to show it to Hannah who had just woken up and she dropped it. Oops.

Looking In
Looking in the restaurant we were planning to have lunch at. Conveniently there was a block there holding down the Thanksgiving decoration so Hannah and Amelia could stand on it to see better.

Yummy crunchy granola bars. 

I love playing around with the collage feature in PicMonkey, though I am not sure if I like the collage or the plain picture better.


Day 11: A Memory
My wedding day, such a wonderful memory. We have been married 7 1/2 years.

Day 12: Clouds

I took these two shots approximately 1/2 of a mile away from each other. One was taken while I was facing one direction, the other was traveling away from the other location.

Day 13: Part of Me
My head covering has been a part of me since I joined the Mennonite church 18 years ago. I have changed styles over the years, starting with a black veil, moving to a white one and finally, since joining a more liberal Mennonite church using bandannas or scarves. In the background you can also see things that make me me. Roses from my hubby and our print of the Ten Commandments. I am a Christian wife who loves God first and then my husband and family.

Day 14: Eating
"Mom, do I really have to eat this new thing you are giving me? It doesn't look very good." At least I think that is what that expression means. I had made baked oatmeal because we needed to get the oven running to help warm up the cold house.

Day 15: In my purse:
Now that the children are getting older I do not carry a diaper bag around with me, so you will probably find diapers in my purse if we are going somewhere.

Day 16: Play
The girls were playing outside with the next door neighbor while daddy and mommy cleaned out the car and the younger two slept in their carseats. They were building a winter shelter. Love the imagination of children. 


  1. A nice selection of photos. Those granola bars look good and I think the collage looks great. Very different :)

  2. Aw, I love wedding pictures! Isn't it fun to look back on the years!


  3. It's always interesting seeing what you and your family are up to. I liked your pattern shot, so decorative. Sunglasses, how cute and so was looking in. Mmmm on the Crunchy granola bars. - I also liked your cloud shots and learning about your life. Lovely wedding shots.

  4. Nice pictures. Sunglasses on the children are so cute. The pictures of the clouds are nice in your daily photos.


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