Monday, February 25, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday: MFW Unit Dd

We started our Dd: Dinosaur unit with My Father's World today. Of course, I had to make a D Muffin Tin.

The main focus was Dinosaurs, so I made a Dinosaur shaped Nutella sandwich and placed it in the center. Then I added other D foods. 
Dog shaped cheese (cheese is Dairy)
Dill Baby Pickles
Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
Dinosaur eggs in a Date nest (the dino eggs are Reese's Pastel Eggs)
Dots (Kix cereal & Chocolate/PB Puff cereal)

They also had milk, which is Dairy.

The seal had to eat too I guess.

Time to play with the dinosaurs.

Her dinosaur is sitting on the eggs.

And Harold was very upset that I fed them first. I figured he could wait a few minutes as he had been snacking in the kitchen while I made lunch.

He had a muffin tin too, of course.

Chicken nuggets, Nutella sandwich, carrots and cheese.

Happier baby by far. You'd think he never eats. More like he is a bottomless pit.

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