Sunday, April 8, 2012

Amelia is Reading!

Well, sort of. She is finally reading some short vowel words. She was playing with the letters on the refrigerator (what few are left) and suddenly she was sounding out "bat." We kept changing the first consonant and she would sound the word out and when I asked what it was she was able to explain the word. Just making sure she was comprehending. I am so proud of my big girl.
Edited to add:
She then started changing the last letter instead. Not that all the words she made were really words but she was sounding them out. And I would tell her when her letter combinations were not words. I was especially impressed when I found another vowel-e- and she started to put it at the beginning, but then quickly moved it to the middle of the word.
She was so excited and mommy was tearing up.

She credits Super Why!


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