Sunday, August 22, 2010

Science Sunday: Tadpoles Pt 2

Just wanted to update everyone on our new pets.  Yes I said pets.  Steven decided he wanted some more tadpoles, so after church a couple of weeks ago he headed down to the little river where we have our baptism services and caught 2 more tadpoles.  

So, we started out with 1:
Aug 7th
You can sort of see his little back legs

And of course it is growing:

Aug 14
Can you tell the legs are getting bigger?

Aug 17
He/she has front legs now.

Aug 19
A shot with all three of them
The one on the right is the first one we got, he/she is older
Look at those looong legs.  Really looking like it is a frog.

Same day, close ups
(because I finally learned how to take close-ups
on my camera)
Notice the one still doesn't have front legs.

I love this picture, you can barely tell there is still a tail there.

Aug 20

He/she gets up on the rocks a lot more now and is using 
legs more, tail less.

Still no front legs on this one

Not sure if you can tell but this one (the oldest/
one we had longest) has its head out of the water.

Once again I think mommy is getting more of a kick out of this than the children.  In fact they were really still the one day, and I got so worried they were dying.  I fed them, because I wasn't sure when Steven did last (He is very busy getting prepared for his first day of college Monday) and they perked up.  

I am linking this up to Science Sunday hosted by Ticia over at Adventures in Mommydom.  Head on over to check out what others are experimenting with/learning.


  1. oo neat loved looking at all of these pictures!!

  2. Huh, I've tried commenting about five different times on my phone, and now that I'm home maybe I'll successfully comment.

    Very cool pictures, and it's so cool you were able to find tadpoles. We only find frogs.


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