Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Workbox Wednesday- December 17, 2014

Welcome to Workbox Wednesday! 

Last week, Melk the Christmas Monkey shared a couple of different lessons that involved Gingerbread Men/Boys. We were supposed to make life-size gingerbread people but didn't have big paper, so we made little ones to help decorate. We were supposed to make cookies, but the snow was more inviting. Every day since then we just haven't found the time. I finally decided we are going to wait until Saturday to make them, so we can take them to our church's Christmas program. 

Though we didn't make the cookies, I did find some fun activities for the children. Embark on the Journey has a FREE printable pack suitable for pre-K through 1st grade all about gingerbread men.

There are puzzles.

Hannah worked on the tracing page.

 The older girls enjoyed the Story Sequencing Cards.

Harold has been learning to count one-to-one, so I thought he would enjoy this counting activity.

There were quite a few more activities, though we haven't done them all and I didn't get pictures of all the ones we did do. There are coloring sheets with traceable dotted words, a graphing game, number mazes, a roll and stamp game, count and clip cards and more. 

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What is in your workboxes?

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  1. Love it! We have gingerbread cookies coming up for a recipe soon! :D


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