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Hands-On Animal Exploration with Animal Trackers Club {A Review}

Animal Trackers Club

I love finding fun, educational activities for the children.  It has always been important to me that learning be hands-on and enjoyable for the children. When I learned about Animal Trackers Club, I thought it would be a great way for children to explore and learn about animals. Though this is technically designed for younger children, the older girls have also been joining in and learning new facts as well, while helping their siblings.

What is Animal Trackers Club?

It is a monthly subscription program for children ages 3 and up that has been created by Kristen Olsen, a mother of four children who has a degree in Elementary Education and Educational Psychology. Kristen also owns her own preschool. She believes, as I do, that "anything can be taught in a hands-on, fun way."

There are art projects, learning activities, and so many more fun items that aid the children as they join in with Bode Bear on an animal exploration adventure. The activities are all developmentally appropriate for pre-readers or beginning readers. 

Here, let's check out what a child receives:

Your child's adventure begins with:

  • Introduction to the Animal Trackers Club
  • Animal Trackers Club Safari Lunchbox
  • African Savanna Information Card
  • Cover and Ring for the Safari Animal Photo Collection
  • Savanna Art Project
  • Savanna Animal Cards Activity
Each month your child will receive:

  • Animal Information Card
  • Animal Play Figure
  • Animal Foam Mask
  • Animal Magnet
  • Safari Animal Photo Card
  • Learning Activity
  • Art Project"
We started our adventure with Bode Bear in the African Savanna. In the introduction package, we are given a two-sided information card about the savanna. 

The colored side uses pictures to help impart information about the savanna, while the black and white side is written completely out in words, and it asks the children additional questions.
The colored side will encourage a younger child to read along, while the black and white side can help older children learn the new vocabulary words.

After reading this information to the children, there was a craft to make and a game to play.

The children used stickers and background cards to create African Savanna Scenes.

Each of the older girls worked with a younger sibling to complete this craft.

Additionally, we received Savanna Animal Cards. There were backs and fronts of cute little, cartoony animals.

The younger children had fun matching the fronts to the backs.

Then the older girls joined us for a game of Memory Matching.

A few days later we opened the package with the monthly animal fun.

Harold was thrilled to find this realistic play animal figure.

Also included was a craft. Thankfully there are two of them as the children were able to work together again.

Tabitha worked with the zebra, I mean Harold.

And Amelia worked with Hannah this time. They each had a chance wearing the mask.

Here are the magnet, animal information card, and the Safari animal photo card.

On the back of the picture you will find the animals hoof print.

There were also a couple of worksheets suitable for preschool age children learning their numbers/counting and letters/beginning reading.

The children are having a blast learning about animals that live in the African Savanna. I am loving all the fun hands-on activities. Though age appropriate for younger children, we have been able to get all the children to join in. This wouldn't have been possible if there had only been enough supplies for one craft. They are able to take turns with the other items, such as the mask and the magnet which helps them learn deference and taking turns. As far a subscription box prices, this is one of the most inexpensive that I have come across. Definitely worth the money with plenty of craft supplies and the quality figure and the other materials. 

You can purchase Animal Trackers subscriptions for just $11. 95 for the monthly plan, $36.00 for the 3 month plan, $70.00 for the 6 month plan, and $135 for the 12 month plan . Each plan adds $3 shipping per month.

You can find Animal Trackers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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