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Workbox Wednesday- September 3, 2014 (Sharing Our Curriculum and How It Fits in With our Workboxes)

Welcome to Workbox Wednesday! 

Our Curriculum Choices for 2014-2015

Our core curriculum is still My Father's World. We are continuing the 1st grade curriculum that we started back in April of this year. Before putting it aside for the summer, we had made it to week 9. Next week we will be starting back in at week 10. This week is a review week. All of the children are included in Gathering Time where we pray, say the pledges, sing a couple of songs and record the weather. We move on to Number of the Day and our Proverb, which corresponds to the My Father's World lesson. I try to have some sort of group activity or craft after this, then the children do their WiiFit U time for exercise. The older girls then work on their Workboxes. This is very similar to last year. Here is a bit of a reminder of what the older girls have in their workboxes.

Workbox #1- 100 Chart and Number of the Day sheet (MFW)

Workbox #2- Copywork/Handwriting (This will be their Proverb, Character Trait from Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue and/or handwriting practice (manuscript or cursive)

Workbox #3- Math (Using a mixture of Math Mammoth, Complete Book of Math from MFW lesson plan and Singapore K Essential Book B for Amelia)

Workbox #4- Manipulative Work (This can be Learning Wrap-Ups, Learning Palette, Unifix Cubes, Pattern Blocks, or other hands-on work)

As of this week, I do not have Learning Trays Set up for the younger children, but they will be a mixture of Montessori Activities, Busy Bags, Fundanoodle activities (you can check out my review here), and other activities I may come up with.

While the older girls work on their workboxes, I am using Horizons preschool with Hannah and Harold. I will be posting a review later this month, so stay tuned.

In addition to the workboxes, the older girls also have "Work with Mom" time in the afternoon. This is when I finish up phonics work with Amelia (from the MFW book) and use the Hewitt Homeschooling Lightning Literature and Composition with her. (You can check out my TOS review of Hewitt LL&C here).

For Tabitha, I have been supplementing with Logic of English Essentials (you can find that review here).

Throughout the day the children will also be having online time. The older girls can choose to do math with Mathletics, CTC Math, or 10Monkeys Math World. Hannah can use 10 Monkeys Math World or They will also be continuing their Piano Lessons with HomeSchool Piano.

There you have it. The curriculum that we will be using through the year. There may be some additional supplemental work thrown in, but this is our main curriculum.

If you use workboxes, tot trays, or anything similar, feel free to post a link to your blog post or a picture (pictures can be from facebook, but please make sure they are PUBLIC so we can see them, or use a host like to get a URL for your photo) that shows WHAT IS IN YOUR BOXES!

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What is in your workboxes?

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