Monday, July 8, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday: The Sahara Desert

This week's theme is Desert, which was absolutely perfect. We have been learning about Africa with our book Global Art that I am reviewing for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. And Africa has the largest hot desert in the world. So, I looked up what animals and plants are found in the Sahara Desert along with what foods people eat. Waalaa! Sahara Desert muffin tin.
The girls had:
A cucumber cactus sitting in graham cracker crumb sand
Olives with a ostrich pick
Jello Nile river surrounded by graham cracker crumb sand
Bread cut in the shape of Africa
Dates with a camel pick plus a Fig Newton
a ham & cheese roll-up snake with olive eyes and a red pepper tongue

By the time I got around to Harold he had eaten most of his ham and cheese, which I had cut up for him. He also had olives, cucumber and bread.

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  1. So awesome! I love all your details from the themed picks to the snakes olive eyes, to the bread shaped as Africa!


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