Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: July 12, 2011

Amelia: I was reading for one second
Mom: I'm sure it was more than that.
Amelia: I was reading for one minute. So I could go to sleep

Tabitha, going to Amelia with the mini screwdriver
"Screw, screw, screw, screw, screw.  I screwed you."
Which she then changed to, "I unfixed you."
And while daddy explained it to me
"Now I broke you up"

Tabitha likes to have 5 slices of apple, it's been that way for a while.  It doesn't matter that I can cut one quarter of an apple into 5 tiny slices, she wants five slices. One day I had only given her three.
She said, "Can I please have 5."
Mom: Not right now.
Tabitha: 3 plus 2 equals 5.  So can I please have 2.

Not sure where this came from one day.  The girls were playing with their dolls, pushing them around and such.  Then I heard, "We're putting our babies in the cage so we can work."

We were talking to the girls, showing them how big the baby is (I am 7 weeks pregnant).  Daddy told them, "You used to be this small."
Tabitha said, "Now I'm fat."
Amelia chimed in with, "And I'm skinny girl."

One of the girls had been asking where her shoes were.
Daddy said, "Last time I wore them I put them away."
The response, "Dad, don't wear them.  You're too big for them."


  1. Lol, Tabitha sounds like lots of fun! :)

  2. They are all so cute and funny and my favorite is the cage one! Ha ha ha... Congrats on your pregnancy!

  3. Such cute comments and that is great you are taking the time to document their words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing on NOBH! :)


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