Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quarterly Top 5 #2 (April-June)

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It was so hard to pick only 5 pictures.  I had so many cute photos of Hannah, each one with an expression I adored.  It was easier to pick the shots I wanted to include of the older girls.  I don't have as many just for fun shots of them.  The majority are taken at lesson time and none of those are what I would consider my top favorite photos.

I loved the reflection in the dishwasher in this shot.  But I also love that she is insisting on sitting in the Bumbo even though she is too big for it.

I just loved this shot of Tabitha.  Her's was actually the easiest to pick.

Had to share a daddy moment and this one was the cutest/sweetest.  

I just loved the fact that I caught Amelia at just the right second to get this shot.

This would have been my top pick for June if I hadn't asked people to vote and then decided to go with daddy's choice.  The more I looked at this photo the more I loved it.


  1. Sweet photos. I love the last two. So fun! Thanks so much for linking up with us. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh the days of the Bumbo chair and B pulling out all of his baby food. Some times I miss those days even though it was just a few months ago.

    Looks like you and your kiddos are having a blast.

    Thank you for linking up with us and for spreading the word :)

  3. I love the one of her peering through the bars --utterly adorable!

    I made my collages using templates from Michelle Kane Photography (

  4. Cute photos and adorable children! I love that last one and the one of your daughter in the air--terrific capture!

  5. AWWW!!! all so cute:) Thanks for linking up tot he NOBH

  6. Well, I can see why you love that last one! The playfulness is wonderful as well as the lines and colors!! The first one with her reflection is great! My girls liked to sit in the bumbo once they were too big too! You captured some wonderful moments!! Thanks so much for linking up with us!!


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